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We (High Five Health Promotion) treat all data that identify you as an individual, such as your email address, telephone number and other details you provide us with or that are collected by us, in accordance with the GDPR. When using our health centre, you are requested to provide your personal data, possibly including data on your health. Our privacy policy informs you how we handle data.
We will not process personal data on your state of health or physical condition without your explicit permission. This means that we will not collect data on your state of health and physical condition without your permission. You explicitly give High Five Health Promotion permission to process the above personal data by completing the registration form and ticking the box. I hereby allow High Five Health Promotion to process my personal data as described above.

I have read the conditions stated in the disclaimer. I am aware that if I take part in the programme there is a chance, however small, that during or as a result of the training activities I can get injured. I accept that High Five Health Promotion does not take any responsibility for possible injuries, accidents or other risks (including theft of personal effects). I am aware that I should follow and not exceed the specific personal advice and rules given to me regarding training activities. I voluntarily accept to undergo training activities, together with the associated risks.

I am familiar with the rules and regulations and accept them.

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