Rules and regulations

Rules for membership and use of the Slough Gym Located at O2 Headquarters, 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4DX . These Rules and Regulations are designed to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience each time you visit the Gym and to allow the management to maintain a high level of service at all times. The Gym is operated by High Five Health Promotion a contractor appointed by O2. 1. Eligibility 1.1. Use of The Gym and its facilities requires a paid membership and only a limited number of memberships will be available. O2 permanent, fixed term employees and permanent contracted / temporary staff are eligible to join. Staff numbers or authorisation forms are required to prove eligibility. 1.2. The Gym reserves the right to verify the status of employment with the Human Resources department in O2 or contracting company. 1.3. The Gym reserves the right to reject an application for membership or refuse admission to the facility. 1.4. Should a maximum membership level be reached, a waiting list will be put into operation. 1.5. Overseas O2 permanent staff and staff based off campus can join The Gym and will be required to undertake and induction and pay the required membership fee. 2. Membership 2.1. Membership of The Gym entitles you to full use of all facilities, programmes and services during The Gym’s opening hours (see 13.1 below). 2.2. Membership is only granted when all required paperwork has been satisfactorily completed and all payments made. 2.3. O2 employees may become members of The Gym by either: i) Selecting The Gym membership via the Flexible Benefit scheme annually in November or when they join as an employee (this is a convinent way to pay directly from your salary, there is no longer a tax advantage). ii) Completion of a Direct Debit monthly payment form. A monthly fee of £20 will be deducted from your bank account; payment will be taken on or around the 5th day of each month for that month. 2.4. Membership fees are reviewed annually. You will be given at least one month’s notice of any change in membership fees. 2.5. For Direct Debit payments, a daily pro rata payment scheme is operated to account for membership payment for the period until the direct debit mandate is established with your bank. This pro rata fee is processed as an ‘add on’ to your first direct debit payment both of which will be debited from your account on the 5th of the following month. 2.6. If you have an outstanding payment for more than one month, The Gym reserves the right to terminate your membership, subject to discussion. 2.7. Memberships fees are non-refundable other than on the grounds set out in section 3. 2.8. Any outstanding balance owing must be paid by return or on your next visit to The Gym. Access into The Gym will be denied until the outstanding balance has been cleared. All changes in membership details, including health status, must be communicated to The Gym in writing. 2.9. Memberships are non-transferable. 3. Cancellation of membership 3.1. Membership is automatically cancelled if you leave the employment of O2 or contracting company. As soon as you are aware of the change in your employment status, please notify The Gym. 3.2. Pro-rated refunds from The Gym will be given on cancellation of membership as a result of long-term sickness, pregnancy, redundancy due to economic reasons and relocation of an individual by O2 or contracting company. In all cases of cancellation through medical reasons, a letter from a medical practitioner must be presented. 3.3. If you choose to cancel your membership, you must notify The Gym by emailing 3.4. The Gym reserves the right to cancel your membership for persistent breach of these rules. 4. Suspension of membership 4.1. Minimum length of membership suspension is one month. 4.2. Membership of The Gym can be suspended due to medical reasons (a letter from a medical practitioner will be required). 4.3. Membership suspension during extended business travel assignments will be granted on written confirmation to the Gym Manager 4.4. Membership cannot be suspended for reasons of convenience. 4.5. The Gym require a minimum of two weeks advanced notice in order to stop direct debit payments. If The Gym are unable to stop the payment your membership will be extended upon return to the facility. Refunds cannot be given for suspended memberships. 4.6. If you are paying your membership through the flexible benefits program you will only be able to cancel your membership if you experience a qualifying life event. 5. Induction Process 5.1. You are required to participate in The Gym induction process prior to use. You cannot use The Gym until this is done. You can book your induction on Health Manager. 6. Group Exercise 6.1. Most group exercise sessions in the studio are mostly included in your membership fee. 6.2. In the interests of safety, you will not be admitted into the classes after the warm up period. 6.3. You are requested to put away mats and other exercise equipment after use. 6.4. The class schedules will be published in advance in The Gym and on The Gym's Workplace page. 6.5. The Gym reserves the right to levy a penalty against members who repeatedly fail to attend a booked class. 6.6. Fees for certain specialist classes may be charged, and these charges will be advised in advance by The Gym. 6.7. Members are required to abide by the class booking procedures on Health Manager. 7. Health & Exercise Precautions 7.1. You are advised not to increase your exercise programme beyond the progressions stipulated without consulting The Gym team first. You should also not use an unfamiliar piece of equipment without first consulting a member of The Gym fitness staff. 7.2. You should not exercise if you have been drinking alcohol, lost a lot of sleep, not eaten sufficiently, have a heavy cold or flu, are under medication or feel that your health is compromised in any way. 7.3. If you have any form of lay-off from exercise, you are advised not to carry on the previous exercise regime, but rather move to a lighter workout and build up again gradually. Please consult a member of The Gym staff for assistance. 8. Health & Exercise Recommendations 8.1. In the event of pregnancy, injury or medical condition please consult with the fitness staff before exercise and act on their advice. 8.2. Listen to your body. If any exercise hurts or you feel unwell or lightheaded, stop exercising and inform a member of staff. 9. Clothing 9.1. You are required to wear appropriate footwear whilst exercising (training or deck shoes) and suitable clothing (shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits, leotards and leggings). Tops must be kept on at all times in the exercise areas. 9.2. Only clean non-marking trainers are permitted in the gymnasium or studio. 9.3. Classes such as pilates and yoga may require shoes to be removed. Permitted footwear must be worn until the class is due to start. 10. Changing Rooms & Lockers 10.1. Lockers are available on a sessional basis only. Items left all day or overnight will be removed and handed to Security. O2 and The Gym are not responsible for the contents once removed. 10.2. For security reasons, all personal belongings should be stored in your coin operated locker. Valuables should not be brought into The Gym 10.3. Lost property will be passed on to the O2 Security department. 11. Liability 11.1. O2’s liability for loss, damage or theft to your property is strictly limited to any damage or loss suffered as a direct result of the negligence of O2. 11.2. Property in lockers is stored at your risk. O2 shall not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to such property stored in the lockers. 11.3. You use The Gym at your own risk. O2 does not accept liability for any loss or damage suffered on the premises, other than loss or damage that may arise from the negligence of O2. 12. Conduct 12.1. The consumption of food is not permitted within The Gym. Food and beverages with the exception of water should be consumed outside the facility. 12.2. Please wipe down equipment in O2 with the paper towels provided, after use. 12.3. Disorderly conduct, or conduct, which may or does cause offence to other persons, may result in the termination of membership. 12.4. You are requested not to use your mobile phone within the gym or studio areas. 12.5. The Gym encourages you to be courteous to fellow members and to ensure that time restrictions on the equipment are adhered to. 12.6. Please conduct yourself in a manner that does not disturb or endanger others. 13. General 13.1. Opening Times: The Gym will be open Monday to Friday 06:30hrs – 19:30hrs. The Gym can only be accessed during these hours. The opening times will be posted within the premises. Usage levels will be monitored and published to help members decide when they would like to attend . 13.2. The Gym and O2 reserve the right to vary the opening times. Advance warning of these changes will be posted within The Gym. 13.3. The Gym and O2 may withdraw all or part of the facilities for any period when required for staff training, social activities, in conjunction with any repair or maintenance work or other issues beyond their control. 13.4. Additional rules and guidelines may be required for specific use of areas, equipment, services or activities within The Gym. Written notification of these will be given to you or posted within The Gym or on the O2 Intranet. By accepting membership of The Gym, you agree to these rules of membership and use of the Slough Gym. DECLARATION I have read and understand The Gym’s rules of membership and agree to abide by them. I confirm that, if at any time I am in doubt about my health and/or physical condition, I will always obtain medical clearance before embarking on exercise and will keep The Gym staff advised of any material changes in

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